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Gun Tests FEG PJK 9HP
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First off, I'ld like to say that I am one of those guys that likes to own and shoot the less expensive line of firearms. Thats not to say that I don't own some of the more expensive rivales because I do. I have also been privledged enough to have owned or shot variations of almost all of the popular and not so popular side arms and long arms out on the market. With that said, lets talk about the FEG PJK 9HP. This arm is an exact copie of the famose Browning High Power. The gun cost me a mear $225.00. That is retail of coarse.And I have been told that this particular arm is getting harder to come by. FEG is distributed by KBI of Harrisburge Pa.                                                               
            The gun came in a cheep styrafome case. Along with owners manual, gun lock an a spare 13 round mag. Any of the Browning High Power mags on the market, includeing after market mags will work as well.
            On first inspection, I noticed a few things that FEG had changed from the original High Power model. The slide stop was of an extended type and dose not have the same look as the original. This item worked flawlessly though. But I would have rather had the High Power look.Allso the grips were made of black plastic, which I would have prefered the original walnut grips. The thumb safty was also of the extended type but this feture I did like better than the original. Although it dose not have a positive detent that you can feel and hear when you engage and disengage.
            The manual stated that this arm would work and was designed to funktion with 115 grain hard ball, and 124 grain JHPs. So I went to the range with an assortment of amo which encluded Blazer 115 grain FMJ, Winchester 115 grain FMJ, Winchester SXT JHP and some Grender 124 grain +p JHP. This particular arm functioned flawlessly with all types of amo used that day. That says alot for a gun that has a cost that low.
           I did get the ussual hammer bite that is accosiated with this type of gun. I have to say that I use the high grip hold and if you don't use this type of hold hammer bite may not be a problem. To solve this problem, I modified the hammer in such a way that there was plenty of clearance between the hammer and the web of my shooting hand. I was delighted to find that the next visit to the range was absent of any painfull hammer bite. No mater how I held the gun, no bite.
          Now for the fit and finish. I have to say that the machineing was flawless. The metal to metal fit was impeckable. The frame was finished in a type of high tech paint job that had two spots where it looked like the finish had puddled. But it was so small you had to look very close to see it. The slide was finished in a very high pollished blue, black. It was very atractive. I have to say that FEG went to great lenths to make sure there were no tool marks or sworls at all on the slide and highly pollished before the finish was aplied as should be. The only thing I didn't like about the apearance of the pistole was in the way that the lettering was aplied. It looked as if they used a vibrateing marking tool to aply the lettering and the serial number. You would think that with all the work that went into the very beutifuly aplied finish, that they would have roll marked or engraved every thing just a bit better. But over all I was very impressed. I like the way it looks. It actually looks better than my Browning.
           The sites were of the original millitary type, very small. Although they did managr to put white dots on them, which kind of made up for the small site picture. The gun would consistantly group under 3 inches at @ 25 yards. At close range @ 7 yards I could fire 2 shot groups as fast as I could and keep them all in the 10 ring.
           I am very impressed with this arm and can say that I do recomend this gun. This one I will have to hang onto.

Lightly custumized.

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